Property Tax Essentials–What You Need to Know about How County Auditor-Controllers Allocate Property Taxes

February 20th, 2007


  • Dave Elledge, Controller-Treasurer, Santa Clara County Dave started and led the Property Tax Apportionment Audit Program for the State Controller’s office in 1986-88; served in the Auditor-Controller offices of Siskiyou, Monterey, and Santa Clara counties; and participated in guideline committees on ERAF I and II and SB 1096 Triple Flip and ERAF III.
  • Mary Bradley, Finance Director, Sunnyvale “I’ve learned so much from Dave that’s been critical to our city’s finances. This is must-have information for all CSMFO members.”
  • Don Maruska, Director of the CSMFO Coaching Program, moderates the call.

Gain a step-by-step understanding of where you get your property taxes, how the system works, and recent legislation (Triple Flip and VLF Swap). This information is essential for revenue forecasting (including redevelopment), annexations, and incorporations.

Dave Elledge has written the eBook, “Demystifying the California Property Tax Apportionment System” (2006). Please download this book so that you can follow the specific examples that Dave discusses. Click here to download the eBook free of charge.

Key Discussion Questions [with eBook References]

1. Why do you receive the property tax amounts that you do? Why do similar agencies receive widely different amounts? (SB 154) [Read Chapter 2 to prepare.]

2. How is your agency’s share in the growth of property tax determined? What are the methods for calculating tax increments for redevelopment agencies and who pays it? (AB 8) [read Chapter 3 to prepare]

3. What are the effects of the Triple Flip and VLF Swap on the Property Tax Administrative Fees? (SB 2557) [read Chapter 9 to prepare]

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